My Point of View
I am a recent graduate of Northwestern University’s MS Engineering Design Innovation program which I began directly after my undergraduate degree in BS Bioengineering at the University of Pittsburgh. During my time I have worked with some great organizations and even better people.  
Blue Cross Blue Shield Association          Uber Freight                    iRobot 
Feeding America                                      Procter & Gamble          Design For America  
Knight Lab                                                 Alphalab Gear               City Bureau 

I am comfortable throwing myself into new environments, complex industries, and most importantly tough problems. With this experience I have developed skills in design research, user experience (UX) design, service design, design strategy, and project management which I bring with me to any role or team.  
I am empathetic. I acknowledge my own privilege and background to understand where people are coming from and how it makes them feel. I put my biases aside  and shatter my assumptions when working to create meaningful solutions.
I am an advocate. At my core, I celebrate the human voice and bring their needs and wants to life through the products I design. I speak for the voiceless where appropriate to make sure they are heard.
I am holistic. I believe that no product or service works without impacting and being impacted by forces around it. I consider the ethical, environmental, and financial implications of my work to deliver great end to end experiences.
I am curious. I enjoy getting in the weeds of the project I’m working on to make sure all the necessary questions are answered. I identify both problems and opportunities through respectful and intentional inquiry.